For consignments which may not be covered by regular logistical processes, we can offer you our emergency-logistics service.

A forgotten component, sudden product shortages, that could lead to production downtime, unexpected component failures, time extremely tightly calculated orders.......

.........the consequences can be severe and often very expensive.


We can help you through extremely short reaction time to minimize any consequences of such irregularities, or even to prevent in advance already.

Worldwide and at any time we have an overview of where a suitable aircraft or helicopter - immediately ready for takeoff - is available for your freight. We organize flights to destinations difficult or in general to reach through line-connections.
Our on-board-couriers (OBC) will be used, if your shipment must be accompanied and handed over personally.

Dangerous goods, heavy or oversized cargo, urgent and important documents.............

..........we can help immediately, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.